First Christmas

by Nightmare River Band

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Nightmare River Band is releasing its “First Christmas” song, in memory of Matt's grandmother, Mary Krahula. In the spirit of the Holidays, NRB will be donating all of the sales between now and Three Kings Day to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

In an effort to boost donations, NRB has reached out to their talented group of musician friends to create a series of cover videos of "First Christmas", which will be released on their social media to co-promote this very special cause.

A note from the band: "This was a very emotional song for us to write and record and we are very excited to share it with all of you. We hope you’ll take a few moments of your time to download the tune and share it with the people you love. Happy Holidays!" - NRB -

Interested in creating a cover video of your own? The lyrics and chord changes are provided below.


First Christmas by Matt Krahula & the Nightmare River Band
| C em | F C | C em | F |

| C em | F C |
Deck the Halls, Unpack the lights

| C em | F C |
Stockings out on the mantle

| C em | F C |
Thirty years oh my entire life

|C em | F C |
Lit up the dark like a candle

| Am F | C |
When I look through the night
| F C | G |
I see your smile like a star in the sky

| F | C |
It’s our first Christmas without you
| G | C C/B |
Hope I can gather some cheer
| F | C C/B Am
Its our first Christmas without you
| G | F | C |
But our memories will carry us through the New Year

| C em | F C |
With every song, I hear your voice
| C em | F C |
Calling out like a choir
| C em | F C |
sing along, oh its my sisters choice
C em | F C |
Don’t know the words it don’t matter

| Am F | C |
Cause when those church bells start ringin’
| F C | G |
You’re looking down and I know you’re still singin’


| C | em | C | em | F | G


| C em | F C |
On the swing near the old apple tree
| C em | F C |
Playing games in the parlor
| C em | F C |
With every step, oh you come back to me
| C em | F C |
I’ll always know where to call ya

| Am F | C
Cause when I look through the night
| F C | G |
I see your smile in every star in the sky

| C | em | C | em | F | G
| C | em | C | em | F | G


released November 26, 2015
Written by Matt Krahula
Produced by Rob Cleaveland & Matt Krahula.
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Rob Cleaveland.

Matt Krahula - Lead vocals, bass, guitar
Seth Faulk - Drums, Percussion,Vocals
Wil Farr - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Todd Cauldwell - Organ
Jacob Pleakis - Piano
Dan Romer - Accordion
Steve LaRocca - Saxophone
Kenny Warren - Trumpet

Shara Radin
Kevin Johnston
Freedom Bremner
Shira Goldberg
Brian Collazo
Jacqui Kennelly
Rachel Madison
Emily Hall
Todd Carey



all rights reserved


The Nightmare River Band New York, New York

Matt Krahula -
Lead Vocals, Guitar
Seth Faulk -
Drums, Vocals
Wil Farr - Guitar, Vocals
Bobby Pawlings -
Bass, Vocals

Named one of the top five up-and-coming Alt. Folk bands in NYC by Deli Magazine in 2010, The Nightmare River Band's new album, Last Goodbye, combines foot-stomping rhythms, full arrangements, and harmonious choruses that everyone can sing along to.
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